Vice President of ADB Inaugurates ‘अपरिमित’

Vice President of Asian Development Bank (ADB), Mr Shixin Chen, on his one-day visit, inaugurated ‘अपरिमित’, the Centre of Innovation established at the Duhai Depot. He along with Mr Vinay Kumar Singh, Managing Director, NCRTC, and other senior officials of ADB also visited various construction sites of the 82-km long Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS corridor.

NCRTC is using advanced technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Building Information Modeling etc. for operational efficiency as well as training purposes. The innovation centre will bring in the latest technologies for the design, development, and operations of RRTS corridors.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Vinay Kumar Singh said, “With ADB as our trusted partner, NCRTC has not only planned and is implementing Customer-Centric Projects but continues to lead to overall capacity development in the field of Urban transport. The economic, social, and environmental impact of RRTS is going to be long-lasting, and adoption of new age technologies by NCRTC will play an important role in it.”